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Outdoor facilities such as baseball & softball fields by their design and use have inherent hazards such as, but not limited to:

Uneven and variable walking surfaces, seating, and standing areas and bleachers that vary by design, construction, and condition.

Risks of injury from colliding with other persons, slipping, or falling on walking surfaces, bleachers, and stairways, and tripping over unknown objects which other persons may have left or discarded on the premises.

Risk of injury from wayward flying objects that may be thrown or struck such as balls, bats, gloves, and other items that may not be reasonably foreseeable.

Players, coaches, team personnel, and spectators may damage the premises or create hazards at any time without the knowledge of Top Choice Baseball.

This list of risks is not and cannot be all inclusive. There may be other risks that can injure 
you. Players, coaches, team personnel, and spectators should always pay attention to the action at hand and be alert for objects headed their way and should listen to public announcements regarding safety during the event. Players, coaches, team personnel, and spectators are responsible for their own safety while on these premises. If you do not wish to assume the risk of harm while attending a sporting event conducted by Top Choice Baseball, then do not enter this facility. Top Choice Baseball and the owners of these facilities won't be responsible if a player, coach, team personnel, or spectator is injured at a sporting event at these facilities.

Cactus Yards (Formally BLD)
4536 E. Elliot Road
Gilbert, AZ
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Crossroads Park

2155 E Knox Rd.

Gilbert, AZ 85296

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Freestone District Park

1045 E Juniper Ave,

Gilbert, AZ 85234

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Gene Autry Park
4125 E. McKellips Road
Mesa, AZ
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Golden Eagle Park

15680 E Golden Eagle Blvd

Fountain Hills, AZ 

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Goodyear Baseball Complex
2717 S. Wood Blvd.
Goodyear, AZ
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Peoria Sports Complex
16101 N. 83rd Ave.
Peoria, AZ
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Pioneer Community Park
8755 N. 83rd Ave.
Peoria, AZ
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Red Mountain Baseball/Softball Complex
8008 E. Brown Rd.
Mesa, AZ 85207
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Rio Vista Park
8866 W. Thunderbird Road
Peoria, AZ
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Snedigar Sports Complex/Chandler Sports Complex
4500 S. Basha Rd,
Chandler, AZ
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Surprise Farms Community Park
17787 W. West Park Blvd,
Surprise, AZ
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Tempe Sports Complex

8403 S Hardy Dr,

Tempe, AZ

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Victory Lane Sports Complex
22603 N. 43rd Ave.
Glendale, AZ
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